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A baby goat and two pieces of PVC pipe

Graham LaForge had a visitor. He turned around from his work in Tool Rental to see a tiny white billy goat gamboling through the aisles of The Home Depot in Ottawa. He was there to see Graham.

Forrest the billy goat was born with deformed hind legs, making it impossible for him to walk on his own. Knowing Forrest’s chance at a healthy, happy life was slim, Forrest’s caregiver came to Home Depot determined to find a fix. That’s when she met Graham.

Together they fashioned two pieces of PVC pipe as leg braces and just a few weeks later, here Forrest was, walking through the aisles all on his own.

Today, Forrest’s leg braces are off. He’s a healthy, 20-pound goat who loves running, jumping and most of all, cuddling with the caregiver who saved his life – all with a little help from Home Depot.

Check out our four-legged friend in action.

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Depot Saves Ducks

Associate Don Pelc’s lunch break turned into a rescue mission in Helena, Montana. He watched the rain pour down from the inside of his car when he noticed a distraught duck circling a storm drain in the parking lot.

Don decided to brave the rain and investigate – and Momma Duck is so glad he did. After lifting up the storm drain he discovered 10 baby ducks were trapped. He rallied fellow associates, Mark Taylor and Bob Row to join his rescue efforts. With a bucket and hand stock grabbers they rescued the baby ducks one-by-one.

Florida Couple Celebrates 25-year Wedding Anniversary in Home Depot Garden Center

Leslie and Robert’s wedding twenty-five years ago was a big party in the parking lot of the Midway Drive-In Theater – they rapped their wedding vows like the Beastie Boys while guests sat on the hoods of their cars eating popcorn.

Even with such an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, Leslie was horrified when her husband told her that he wanted to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at Home Depot, which now sits where the old drive-in used to be. 

She gave in after Robert convinced her that the celebration would be as unique as the first one.  He contacted Assistant Store Manager Joe Schnatterer who thought it was a great idea and rallied store associates to help.  The store supplied flowers and invited shoppers to attend.  In the Garden Center,  bagpipes and drums (directed by the couple’s son, the director of bands at a local high school) cued the start of the processional…the preacher spoke of everlasting love…and the guests watched it all play out while eating popcorn and cheering. 

                                                     image via PaperMag

From the Aisles to the Runway

Orange is the new emerald.

Look out Anna Wintour. Someone call Women’s Wear Daily. Home Depot has this season’s new “it” bag.

DIYers aren’t just searching the Internet for the latest trend in backsplash – they’re hunting down Home Depot tote bags. And it’s not just these totes that are catching on with fashionistas…be on the lookout for Home Depot logo imprinted tees and jackets making appearances at parties across the country.

Have you spotted this trend? We were as surprised as you when we first heard the buzz and would love to see your pictures. Send us your favorite looks at

When Coworker Turns Guardian Angel

Mara Cisney  thought it was just another day at work. That’s before she turned down an aisle in The Home Depot in Juneau, AK and discovered her coworker unconscious on the floor. He was the victim of a sudden heart attack and thanks to Mara, he would survive it.

Fortunately, Mara is a volunteer firefighter and EMT. She began CPR with the help of two CPR-trained customers and continued until the Capital City Fire and Rescue (CCFR) paramedics arrived and took over.

As a result of her actions, Mara’s coworker survived the event and on June 6, the CCFR presented Mara with a certificate of appreciation. She also received The Home Depot’s Angel Award for having saved the life of another.

According to Mara’s coworker, “If they hadn’t done what they did, I would have died for sure on the concrete.”

Lending a Helping…Push Cart

Associate Tony Strange rose to the challenge when Jan Ellis came into store #2723 in Okemos, Mich. on a mission to fix the pushcarts at East Lansing’s East Glen Apartments. The complex is home to more than 100 senior citizens and people with disabilities. Time had taken a toll on the overworked carts which residents, like Jan’s son, used to transfer groceries and other belongings to and fro. The carts weren’t just a luxury, but a necessity for many in wheelchairs. The apartment community had done their best to rig the carts, but they were in disrepair and needed updating to still be useful.

With encouragement from Store Manager Michael Moore, Tony was off on the task of repairing the carts and enlisted the help of the Manager on Duty at the time, Todd Johnson. They joined forces with a few other associates and, after looking over the rigged carts, decided to construct a new large and small cart from scratch.

Jan was invited to work alongside Tony and Todd throughout the process, reviewing sketches and materials, to ensure the new carts where just right.

The finished product? Two brand new, specially designed and much-needed carts for the residents of East Glen Apartments.

Before they MET

Keith, Mark and Scotty don’t wear aprons, they work in more than one store, and they focus on putting products on the shelves rather than selling them off, but they bleed orange just like other associates. 

They’re associates on the Merchandising Execution Team, and their jobs are to make our warehouse-like stores easier to navigate and products easier to find. But just as unusual as their jobs sound, their career paths aren’t what you’d expect.

Keith started out as a part-time paint associate in high school. Celebrating 15 years with the company, he’s worked in multiple departments, held several positions including operations manager, and was even a store manager in New York for four years. Then Keith decided to do the unexpected. After years being front and center, he decided to go behind the scenes, taking a position as a Merchandising Execution Manager. Sure enough, it’s like nothing he’s ever done before and he loves every minute of it.

Then there’s Mark. Due to the economy, Mark was laid off from an engineering firm after 12 years. So Mark decided to try something new, and along came MET.  Mark’s been with the company for one year and couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and diversity of the job, as well as the opportunity to work outside in the garden department. “It’s therapy for me,” he says.  “I enjoy the scent of the beautiful flowers and setting up the different assortments for customers to choose from.” 

Finally, there’s Scotty whose family owned the first Chem-Dry business in Utah. After selling the business, Scotty came on board with Home Depot as a MET associate, bringing along good business sense, selling skills and great customer service.

So there you have it. Keith, Mark and Scotty – three associates with not-so-usual jobs achieved through vastly different circumstances. Could you be the next MET?